8 Winter Holiday Spots for Snow-lovers


8 Winter Holiday Spots for Snow-lovers



Going deep in the ice cold snow might sound a perfect plan if you love winter. It is a season that you can feel adrenaline, joy and romance at the same time. To live winter to the fullest, here are some advices for you to attend:

1. Jasper National Park, Canada



Canada is one of the most beautiful countries during winter. To witness this beauty, you can visit Jasper National Park which is located at the eastern Alberta. The best thing about Jasper National Park would be the views from Maligna Canyon. With its mountains, rock cliffs, rivers and glaciers, Jasper National Park is a great experience for winter.

2. Quebec, Canada



Again in Canada, Quebec offers a colorful experience for a winter vacation. The celebrations and decorations along in the city are such a visual feast. If you visit Quebec in January and February, you can attend the Carnaval de Quebec and the Mois Multi, which are the festivals of the city. Grab a cafe latte and enjoy the winter!

3 .Whistler, British Columbia



Ready to action? In Whistler, there are lots of extreme winter sports venues such as Whistler Sliding Centre, Whistler Blackcomb and the Coast Mountains. Skiing and snowboarding are the essential sports in there, plus, there are tournaments and festival for those each year. Hiking and biking are also very popular.

4. Rovaniemi, Finland



Visiting Rovaniemi during Christmas feels like being in a Christmas commercial or movie set. The Christmas Trees, versions of Santa Claus, reindeers, various combinations of red, green and gold are all around the city. In this beautiful atmosphere, you won’t feel the freezing cold weather.

5. Abisko, Sweden



A darker version of winter is at Abisko in Lapland. Because the sun doesn’t appear for weeks in December and January, it is possible to enjoy the Northern Lights in the night skies in there. Also, you’ll be skiing and snowboarding around the national parks under the magical sky.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark



One of the most romantic winter holidays is at Copenhagen. In the city center, you can visit one of the warm cafes or bars and grab a glögg (mulled wine) and enjoy the snowflakes. Fort he best views of the Christmas spirit, visit the Tivoli Amusement Park which is also in the city center.

7. Jasna, Slovakia



Located in the bumpy Tatras Mountains, Jasna offers a really affordable winter attractions with its skiing spots with accomodation and dining venues. With snow-laden spruce trees around you, Jasna will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

8. Winston – Salem, North Carolina



Looking for a cultural trip for winter? You’ll find what you look for in Winston-Salem’s Old Salem, in other words, ‘City of Arts and Innovation’. Especially Christmas and new year’s celebrations are very unique and full on joy. Since almost 100 years ago, there is a festival in the Old Salem with candlelight tours and Moravian tastes. 







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