World’s Best Libraries That Will Make You Love Reading

World’s Best Libraries That Will Make You Love Reading



Open a book and close the doors of the real world. This is what bookworms do! One of the best activities for humans is reading a book that will take you anywhere. Would you really want to be somewhere outta place while reading? There are the best libraries from around the world that must be experienced:


The Admont Abbey Library, Austria



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The baroque styled library of Austria is at the foothills of the Alps. The architecture of the library belongs to Joseph Hueber and was built in 1776. The library has a huge hall that contains 200.000 volumes and also is the 2nd biggest monastery library of the world.


Library of Congress, Washington D.C.



Library of Congress is the largest library of the world with its volumes and shelf spaces. Besides it is the national library, it is also the oldest federal cultural institution. There you can find the very very large archive of books, newspapers, music, photos and many more.


Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Library, Ireland



This library of Galway (GMIT) might be the most eco-friendly library of the world with its technological structure. The architects de Blacam & Meagher must have thought that reading is not only good for yourself, also for your environment. So that they built this dynamic thermal modelled building. 


George Peabody Library, Maryland



Located in Baltimore, the library was actually a gift to the citizens of Baltimore which was given by George Peabody in 19th century. The best thing about the library is definitely the breath-taking atrium which was designed by the architect Edmund Lind.


Bodleian Library, Oxford



Bodleian Library has the copies of significant documents of the world’s history such as Magna Carta, Gutenberg Bible, Shakespeare’s First Folio and many more. The library is also known as Oxford University’s library which was established in 1602. 


Mediaheque Sandro Penna, Perugia, Italy



If you are looking for an extraordinary reading experience, this spaceship look alike library will amaze you. If you also things that glow in the night, you’ll never leave this library. Because the exterior of the building has shining neon colors when it’s night. It was built in 2004 by Studio Italio Rota.


The Royal Library of Copenhagen, Denmark



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Reading is the new black: Welcome to the darkest library. The contruction of this library is all about black granite and glass. It is the extension of Denmark’s national library which was built in 1999. Altough we mention the library as ‘the darkest’, the glass atrium of the building has a very light interior with the view of water.


Vatican Library, Rome


One of the oldest ones, Vatican Library was established in 1475 but it is known that the original building was older although there is not a certain source fot hat. In the library, you can find the oldest complete anuscript of the Bible, many masterpieces of medieval times and thousands of books.



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Wiblinglen Abbey Library, Ulm, Germany



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This library which has a Rococo styled building and built in 1744 is really a unique one. Once you visit there, you’ll probably never want to leave. The decoration and the bright colors that you’ll see around the library might make reading very difficult for you.


Musashino Art University Library, Tokyo, Japan



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Books, shelves, glasses and nothing else. This is all about Musashino Art University Library. For minimalist readers, this library is definitely perfect. Designed by Sou Fujimoto, this library will amaze you with its simplicity.




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