Maranon Chocolate Will Be the New Favorite of Chocolate Lovers!

Maranon Chocolate Will Be the New Favorite of Chocolate Lovers!



It is very difficult to count all types of chocolate; bitter chocolate, white chocolate, caramel flavored, mint chocolate are only the most common ones and each of them has fans. But we will introduce a very rare, one of a kind chocolate: Maranon Chocolate aka Fortunato No 4.



In the North of Peru, Maranon Canyon is a quiet place. So quiet that there are very few households, very few paved roads, people have limited electricity and transportation is only with mules and bicycles.



The source of Maranon chocolate, the Pure Nacional Tree’s home is right that area. Actually, Pure Nacional Tree’s origin was Ecuador until the 19th century, but with the disease at the forests, it was believed that the trees were gone forever. They were wrong.



The Pure Nacional Tree is found in 2007 by Dan Pearson and his stepson Brian Horsley. While they were supplying nutrient and gear for mining companies near the border between Peru and Ecuador, they realized these trees. They were surprised and were curious about what they were. So they decided to send some samples to United States Department of Agriculture, then yes! The samples belong to Pure Nacional Tree. Pearson says ‘I knew we had found something special’ about the test results of the samples.



Thanks to Mother Nature, these trees were saved like a miracle. Apparently, Maranon River was like a protector for the trees because a small group of the trees were saved by the river from the disease that is mentioned above.



What makes Pure Nacional Tree rare and special is its purple beans with white beans. The taste of the beans are less bitter and more floral flavored than the other cocoa trees. While the trees were believed that they were lost, the genetic mutation they had created this uniqueness.



Pearson and Horsley knew that the trees must be protected, so they decided to harvest these cocoa beans of Pure Nacional Tree with the local farmers. Don Fortunato was one of those farmers, also the founder of Fortunato No 4 Chocolate (Maranon Chocolate).



To appreciate the exceptional beans, Person traveled to Switzerland and went to a chocolatier which was recommended by the famous pastry chef Franz Ziegler and his colleague, Paul Edwards in 2011. Their statement about the Maranon Chocolate was: ‘In our combined 50 years of working with chocolate, we have never tasted flavours like this.’. Another Swiss pastry chef Roger Von Rotz defined the Maranon Chocolate as ‘the Rolex of chocolate’.



Now, the process of production of Maranon Chocolate is made traditionally and can be witnessed during the harvest season, between January and June. While you can taste the smooth and sweet Maranon Chocolate at Peru, it is also can be found at US, UK and Australia. 




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