Freedom is a Lonely Road: 12 Cities That You Can Travel Only with Your Backpack

Freedom is a Lonely Road: 12 Cities That You Can Travel Only with Your Backpack



There are times you want to have a rest all alone by yourself. But this rest doesn’t mean that be alone at home, watching movies, or going out for a couple of hours. There are times that you want to isolate for some time. At this point, here are 12 alternatives for you:

1. Ghent, Belgium


Wandering in the city of jazz music, Ghent is a very inspirational experience. Walking around the old buildings, cafes, eateries and bars will definitely make you feel very peaceful. You can drink various types of Belgium beers, no need to mention the Belgium chocolate and Belgium fries. Yum!

2. Beaver Creek, Colorado



If you are willing to be more engaged with nature, Beaver Creek is the best option. Beaver Creek can always be visited throughout a year, because there are always things to do in all four seasons. You can ski and snowboard if you travel there in winter, you can hike and mountain bike in spring and summer. Be sure to see amazing views at the top of the mountains.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico



Have a solo ride at Santa Fe, where is the oldest capital in US. Warm weather lovers will love this city because it’s always sunny there. Santa Fe is full of museums and visiting museums is probably the best activity for solo travelers. You can also hike and ski there.

4. Tuscany, Italy



Ready to taste wine? Tuscany can be considered as the heaven of pasta and wine. Not only with its tastes, Tuscany has the best views of Italy. You should try walking the route Via Francigena where is an ancient pilgrimage route. The calm scene of Tuscany is like a remedy for solo travelers.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland


Looking for extreme outdoor sports? With great views? Also in a sunny weather? Then Iceland is the best spot for you to travel. The natural wonders such as volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers gave the name ‘the Land of Fire’ to Iceland. So that means you should visit there in summer and you’ll have the chance for cycling, hiking, caving and more. Also visit the capital city Reykjavik to explore great museums and art galleries with nice eateries.

6. Toronto, Canada



The capital of Ontario, Toronto is the biggest city of Canada. But this doesn’t mean that it is hard to wander. The public transport and its prices in Toronto will make you want to stay outside all day long. The public parks, CN Tower and Centre Island are only a few attractions that Toronto has. 

7. Seville, Spain


Seville is one of the best cities to travel alone in Spain. It might be the easiest thing you can do to travel in Seville because the public transport is very simple there. And the historical structures are woth to see, such as Cathedral of Seville, Torro del Oro, the Giralda and Alameda e Hercules and more.

8. Naples, Florida


If you look for a glamorous adventure, we would invite you to Naples. Enjoying sunshine at Gulf Beach at luxury resorts will definitely make you feel like a superstar. Do something lavish for yourself and visit Naples.

9. Ljubljana, Slovenia



Who wants to get in a funicular? Ljubljana seems like a typical European city, but its beautiful historical scene makes the city differentiate from others. When you’re in Ljubljana, we advise you to eat and drink traditionally because exploring Slovenian dishes is something exceptional. 

10. Portland, Oregon



When you travel to Portland, it is strongly advised to bring a proffessional camera. Because the photos you take there will be like a masterpiece, especially when visiting Portland Japanese Garden, Powell’s City of Books nd Voodoo Doughnut and the Pearl District. Bonus advice: try all types of beer there.

11. Austin, Texas



Time to get inspired. Pro-tip: enjoy the music. When in Austin, you’ll hear various genres at every corner and this is a real solo traveler experience. The city is full of live-music venues, most of them have also the great views of the city. 

12. Charleston, South Carolina



Wear your snekaers, we’re going jogging! Charleston’s top attraction is to walk around the streets in the city. Or you can bike too. But you must see the city by walk to not to miss the beautiful ambient. You can have a rest at the public parks, or attend the boat trips.




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