Dos and Don’ts During Your Stay in Singapore

Dos and Don’ts During Your Stay in Singapore



What’s the first thing that comes up to your mind when you hear about Singapore? Bright lights? Natural beauties? Colorful gardens? There are so many more attractions in Singapore. But every rose has its thorn, there are strict rules of this beautiful city state.



Actually, most of the rules of Singapore are the things we all should do in our daily life, such as throwing litter into trash cans. If you don’t do that in Singapore, you may have to pay up to $1000. It is the same for spitting too. 



Don’t light a cigarette without looking around you even if you’re out. There might be signs at certain areas that informs you if it is allowed or not to smoke. If you see a spot that is outlined with yellow paint, it means you can smoke there. It is same for drinking alcohol, only drink at valid places on valid hours.



While you’re in a public transport or even at a station, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything. If you carry your meal in your hand, be sure that if it’s packed or keep your drink in a bottle and don’t open it. Unless you might have to pay up to $500. 



You shouldn’t either chew or buy or sell any kind of gum in Singapore because it’s illegal. You may either have to pay up to $10.000 or find yourself in jail. It is strongly advised that throw your gums into trash as you enter Singapore borders.



When it comes to ordering at a eateries, cafes and restaurants, be kind. A little purity never killed nobody. When it comes to paying the bill, you may not tip. Because the service fee might be stated in the bill. If it’s not, again you don’t have to leave tip.



In Singapore, vandalism is not very welcomed. There are some cases about the punishments of spray paintings and graffitis in the past. Any kind of painting around public places might end up in jail.



Singapore has a multi-cultural society. There are mosques, temples, churches and it is possible to see people in several looks. Don’t be sensitive about religions only in Singapore. You should always mind what you say and how you act in public.



On the escalators at metro stations, always stay on the left side. So that you will help to avoid the human traffic. And be careful about where you walk because the road might be for bicycles. Also, never try to walk across if the light is not green.




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