‘The Bike is a Dane’s Best Friend’


‘The Bike is a Dane’s Best Friend’

Cycling is more than an activity in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a culture and literally everyone rides bike all around Copenhagen, even the politicians.

Bikes are loved in Copenhagen because it is faster, more convenient, healthier, more climate friendly, cheaper and more fun than the other transport vehicles. They are so loved that there are more bikes than the people of Copenhagen.

Also the traffic is shaped for bicycles to make riders have a safer journey, and now, Copenhagen is building more green routes and bridges. The aim is to make cycling the one and only transportation and make it an activity.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike in Copenhagen because there are countless bike rentals and bike tours everywhere and they are very affordable. Even in 1995, Copenhagen launched free city bikes for both citizens and visitors.

Everything is done with bicycles in Copenhagen. Transportation of goods, traveling, commuting, family traveling, going to work, going to shopping and more. So that you can see several types of bicycles such as racing cycles or large box-like cargo bikes. Especially during the rush hour, it looks like a cycling festival.

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