Explore the Famous Shortcut: Panama Canal


Explore the Famous Shortcut: Panama Canal

One of the most important artificial waterways, Panama Canal connect the 2 oceans: Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Its length is about 65 kilometers and it has been used since 1914.

The canal has 3 sets of double locks. While Miraflores and Pedro Miguel are at the Pacific side, Gatun is at the Atlantic side. Between the locks called Cocoli and Agua Clara, which are located at each sides, there is an artificial lake called Lago Gatun. In the Lago Gatun (Lake Gatun), it is possible to sail with the super sized neoPanamax ships.

There are also private rainforest boat tours which starts from the Gamboa town. But before you see the wildlife spots, you’ll see the giant cargo ships which are passing through the waterway. There you’ll hear the sound of the Limpkin birds mixed with the Lake Gatun’s sliding waters’ sound.

The Limpkin birds are not the only kind around the trees. There are also Snail kites, Anhigas, Wattage Jacana birds, crocodiles, sloths and monkeys which are living around the forest. Also the mango trees are must to see and taste.

The forest is not the only attraction of Panama Canal. When you visit Miraflores visitor center, you’ll have the chance to see the museum which has the history of the mammoth project with further information.

And the old town of Panama, Casco Viejo is combined with gates, abandoned buildings staircases with modern art. Also with the Chocolate Tropical Cafe, this trip will be more tasty. And if you are looking for an accommodation, the Bristol Hotel will amaze you.

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