A Unity Movement: Binational Pancho Villa Cavalcade of Horses


A Unity Movement: Binational Pancho Villa Cavalcade of Horses

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At the US – Mexico border, people celebrate the common history that is shared by the both of the countries every year with the Binational Pancho Villa Cavalcade of Horses.

It all started with the Battle of Columbus in 9 March 1916, the Mexican soldiers stormed across the border and fought with the American soldiers on horses. Although the horse riding was something for war, not it is for the celebration.

Since 1999, both Mexicans and Americans ride horses not to fight but to celebrate and unite under Binational Pancho Villa Cavalcade of Horses every nearest weekend to 9 March and lasts for 15-17 days. The cavalcade starts to ride from 280 miles south of Columbus to 350 miles north in Chihuahua region.

Along with the Binational Pancho Villa Cavalcade of Horses, there is also Pancho Villa State Park which is opened in 1959 at the site of the old garrison to commemorate the Battle of Columbus. Another commemoration of the battle was in 1966 and named as Fiesta de la Amistad (Celebration of Friendship). It was the old version of Binational Pancho Vill Cavalcade of Horses.

The cavalcade has a sense of community around Chihuahua region. People commit the celebration so much that the towns almost stops for 2 weeks to attend the celebrations. Also, joining the horse riding is accepted as a great honor.

On Columbus’ Main Street, Mexican and American riders meet and share the meals that the Chamber of Commerce of Columbus offers. During the memorial ceremony, the whole crowd of Mexico and US enjoy the live music and celebrate the unity they have.

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