15 Unusual Dishes from Around the World


15 Unusual Dishes from Around the World



There are some certain and customary cooking styles and use of animals’ flesh. But these meals are a little out of standards that we are used to.

1. Haggis, Scotland



Haggis is an old tradition of Scottish people, since the 1700s it has been cooking. While preparing this meal, you need oatmeal, sheep’s heart and lung, onions and spices. The stomach of sheep is filled with these ingredients and boiled for 3 hours. It is served with mashed beets and potatoes.

2. Tera Siga, Ethiopia



This meal needs no pans or ovens or any cooking material. Because it is consumed raw. It is actually the flesh of beef or oxen, just cut the meat and it is ready. This cutting action is called ‘q’wirt’. It can be dressed with melted butter and spices, and maybe served with mild cheese or cooked greens.

3. Betamax, Philippines



During the economic crisis in 1970s in Philippines, this meal has been invented by the locals to make money. Betamax is a street food which is made of chicken and its clotted blood. The blood is congealed with seasoned gelatin and then grilled. It is served skewered after grilling.

4. Shirasu, Japan



Shirasu is a bowl which is full of rice at the bottom and baby sardines on the top. Or there can be sand lances or herring instead of the baby sardines. Sometimes it has some grated ginger on the top.

5. Menudo, Mexico



The stew called menudo is although Mexico originated, it has different names, such as mondongo in Venezuela, patasca in Peru, pancita in Mexico and uuatita in Ecuador. The ingredients of menudo are cow’s stomach, spicy red chili pepper based broth, lime, onion, cilantro and oregano. Allegedly, menudo has the power to heal most of the illnesses.

6. Liver Mush, United States



When the economic issues were on during the American Civil War, this food delicacy has been occurred. In liver mush, there are both pig’s liver and pig’s head. The head is boiled then plucked the meat. These meats are combined with cornmeal and packed into loaves. It is traditionally served in slices and it can be grilled or fried.

7. Hakarl, Iceland



No one in the world likes this cuisine except Icelanders. Hakarl is a fermented shark carcass which has a strong ammonia smell. It must be loved by the Icelanders because of its difficult-to-prepare process.

8. Cuy, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia



Cuy, known also as roasted guinea pig, is safe and easy to prepare. It tastes like the dark meat of chicken or rabbit, and the natives actually likes this meal. It is usually served with traditional spices of onion, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper.

9. Grey Squirrel Pie, Britain



In Britain, grey squirrel pie has a very high demand, sometimes it is so difficult to find it at some restaurants. Actually the squirrels are red but chefs turn them to grey in order to make them fit in the cuisine. It is cooked slowly and served with spices and vegetables.

10. Salo, Ukraine



This meal is made of pork fatback and it is so respected in Ukraine that it has a museum. It is served as slices with garlic, onion, pickles and sometimes pepper. It is said that it goes well with a shot of vodka.

11. Silkworm Larvae, South Korea



Known also as bundaegi, silkworm larvae is both a street food and a canned supermarket food. Although its smell is disturbing, it is full of protein and its price is very affordable.

12. Escargot, France



It is actually the dish of snails. The snails are served with their shells, so you need to find the snail inside of the shell and pull it out with a fork. And then put it on a piece of white bread. It is also can be found in supermarkets as frozen.

13. Percebes, Portugal



Percebes’ aka goose barnacles’ origin is the Atlantic Ocean. These creatures live on rocks and it is very dangerous to hunt. It can be found rarely and it is also consumed is Spain.

14. Scorpions, China



Black scorpions are cooked and served in Beijing and it is a little expensive. It is sold on sticks and they are crispy and dry, like chips.

15. Casu Marzu, Italy



Casu Marzu is a type of cheese, although its origin is Sardinia, it can be found in other cities of Italy in different forms. It is made of sheep milk and generated with live larvae’s digestion. The larvae are still in the cheese after prepared. It is optional to clean them or not.


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