In Puerto Rico, the Party Never Stops!

In Puerto Rico, the Party Never Stops!



If Puerto Rico was a real person, it would be a real party lover. Because there is always something to celebrate or if not, the people of Puerto Rico create new things to celebrate. It is a little difficult to list all of them but let’s try our best.


Fiesta de los Reyes Magos



Known as also ‘Three Kings Festival’, is celebrated on January 6, which is an important day for Puerto Rico. It is actually the end part of the Christmas celebrations. It is a celebration of Catholic tradition, culturally the ’Three Wise Men’ visited Baby Jesus in the manger to deliver gifts. To keep the tradition, local people or actors are dressed as those Three Wise Men and the children gather grass for those Three Wise Men’s camels. It is a town festival located in the town Juana Diaz.


Fiestas de la Calle Sebastian



Old San Juan is full of celebration for 4 days in the 3rd week of January. All the streets are full of  fun. The artists, artisans, performers wear cultural masks and clothes to perform their skills and also there are stages for live performances. Those performances can be music, dance, circus or as they call bomba and plena performances.


Festival de la Novilla



The word ‘novilla’ means young female cow and it is the main point of this celebration. In San Sebastian, it is again celebrated in the 3rd week of January and starts on Wednesday. A flower crowned cow is on a parade and represents the rural life. Also there is the amusement park which has some rides. After the parade, there is a closing concert with traditional music.


Coffee Harvest Festival



Maricao is a little silent during the year but in February, there is a huge celebration. It is also known as the ‘Fiesta del Acabe del Cafe’. Over 200 artisans gather and serve their coffee products. It is celebrated for 3 days with the traditional decorations.


Carnaval Ponceno



This festival is celebrated for one week in Ponce. It is full of parades and activities for the participants. Everyone has a mask of ‘vejigantes’ and they wear colorful masks and jumpsuits. There is also a coronation for the Carnival Queen and the King Momo. It is celebrated at the end of February.


La Campechada



To gather the artists, musicians, actors and more, and also to do educational exhibitions of Puerto Rican arts and culture, this festival has occurred. The festival is dedicated for an artist who is important for Puerto Rico. There are some fairs for art, artisan, book and more. Also there are guided walks, workshops, theaters and more. Every year, the host city of the festival changes.


Casals Festival



During February and March, the musicians gather to share their works under the name of Casals Festivals which has established by the cellist Pablo Casals in 1956. It is again celebrating in San Juan and it lasts 2 weeks.


Saborea Puerto Rico Festival



In San Juan in May, for 4 days, it is the festival for food. Around 30 local and international chefs gather to cook in front of the ocean and there is a huge food serving. Also there is rum tasting which are the Rums of Puerto Rico. No need to mention the music and dance.


Festival de la Pina Paradisiaca



In other words, The Pineapple Festival is located in La Parguera and celebrated either in May or in June. Although the main focus of the festival is the local pineapples, there are also other local food that are served during the festival. Also you can wander around for sightseeing of the marina.


Puerto Rico Salsa Congress



Salsa is a tradition that is worth to celebrate. This event is made to gather the salsa dancers and musicians in San Juan in June. There is also a competition called World Salsa Open and it is again one of the huge events.


Noche de San Juan



This unofficial celebration of the birth of Saint John the Baptist is also known as ‘Saint John’s Eve’ on 23rd of June. The tradition of the celebration is jumping into the ocean for 7 times for good luck. Also some hotels and bars participate the celebration with the events and parties they organized.


Flower Festival



The 10 day festival is celebrating every June and July. It is not at the beach but in the Central Mountains of Puerto Rico, at Aibonito. Again there is a huge organization with music, dance and special food.


Festival de Santiago Apostol



This is again a mask festival with the masks made of coconut and drift wood. It is celebrated on the last weekend of July, in Loiza. The parade of the festival represents the Spanish knight battle, between the good and evil. Again there are traditional music and dance.


Festival Nacional Indigena



This local festival is celebrated at the end of November in Jayuya. It represents the rural culture of Taino people and also it is the celebration of the arrival of Christopher Colombus. Again there are traditional dances and music performances.





Nochebuena – which means Christmas Eve – is happening on 24th December. People gather with their families to eat lechon and arroz con gandules (roast pork and rice and pigeon peas) and they sing the traditional Christmas song together. Also the tourists can join the celebration.


Festival de las Mascaras de Hatillo



Again the local festival, the local people of Hatillo wears masks and costumes to commemorate the Dia de los Santos Inocentes, the biblical story of the Massacre of the Innocents. The costumes and masks represent the soldiers of the King Herod. The celebrations are on 28 December.





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