Taking Reading to an Another Level: Zhongshuge Library


Taking Reading to an Another Level: Zhongshuge Library



Reading is fundamental! In Hangzhou, China, there is a library that will amaze the book lovers. With its breathe taking design and decoration, it will be difficult to keep the silence in this library.



The initial decoration elements of the library are the mirrors on the walls and on the ceiling. The mind blowing illusion of the reflections make the library look like it is a limitless and timeless place. Also it makes the interior space look like it is larger.



The library has shelves inside of the stair treads, so that you can sit there and enjoy reading. These stairs actually are the most demanded thing because of their captivating look. Not only visitors but photographers also love to visit that part of the library.



Also, there are other sections, rooms in rooms in the bookstore. They each has a theme and decorated accordingly. One of them is the section for children, there are big mushroom shaped book shelves and forest decoration in the room. Again with mirrors on the ceiling.



If you love to be lost in the books, you will definitely love this illustrative designed library. Because it will make you feel like you are lost in a different dimension, in a good way.


source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6651209/Ups-downs-life-bookshop-Chinese-store-leaves-customers-stairway-literary-heaven.html

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