Let’s Go to the South! But Real South


Let’s Go to the South! But Real South



Have you ever wondered what is happening at the South Pole? Or does anything happen there? Let’s take a look 10 facts about the South Pole.

1.  There are only one sunrise and one sunset throughout the year. But it does not happen as the way we know. Sun rises and sets so from low that when you watch it, you feel like you are at the edge of the world.


2. If you are on the outside, you will not feel the need of a watch. Because of the sunlight always drops same point on the same day of the week, it is not very difficult to predict what time it is. Sorry for the watch brands.


3. Watch out for dizziness! You get closer to the atmosphere when you arrive in the South Pole. But it is not so hard to walk around, the ground is frozen but easy to step on.


4. Say hi to insomnia! High altitude, drop of the pressure, gravitational force… All these things are specific for the poles and might make going to sleep be difficult for you.


5. The South Pole Prison… Once you go in, you can’t turn back! Between February and October, because of the weather conditions of winter, there are no flights. The cold makes the aircraft fuel freeze, that’s why there is no way to go anywhere.


6. It is true that the South Pole might make you feel depressed. Imagine there is no daylight for months, or there is a long sunset that lasts for weeks. Of course night time and sunset sound nice, but not too much. Obviously, you may feel like you are going crazy.


7. Welcome to the 300 Club! But first, take off your clothes. The scientists and researches of the South Pole have a sauna in the research center and they go out in the snow without clothes. The temperature difference between the sauna and outside is 300 Fahrenheit, which gives the name of this club. Sounds crazy!


8. The South Pole never stops! Because it is on a 3 km thick ice mold, the lower floor moves 2,5 cm each day and this makes 9 meters each year. I wonder where it wants to go…


9. You can travel the world and it only takes about 20 steps in the South Pole! The researchers there do this every year. This is a very good idea.


10. The South Pole is actually a kind of time machine, because it is the point that all time zones’ lines are coming together. It only takes a few steps to relive things. It’s like magic!



These were the evidences for how magical our planet is and its shape is. To be at the very bottom of the world might be really interesting. So let’s go to the South!


source: https://listverse.com/2017/07/15/10-crazy-facts-about-living-at-the-south-pole/

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