If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island, What Three Things You Would Bring?


If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island, What Three Things You Would Bring?



Maybe you’re tired of being at the same place for vacation, or maybe it’s getting boring to see similar pictures of your friends’ vacations on Instagram. What about being at somewhere that nobody has ever visited? Here are 15 islands on Earth that are not that well-known:


source: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/best-islands-15/index.html

1 .Aitutaki, Cook Islands



Welcome to the film set of ‘Survivor’: Cook Islands.


Cook Islands might be located in the other side of the world to you because they are in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The weather is always nice in there with a long white sanded coast. And it’s all natural! Because the public of the islands are nature-lovers and there are not rude tourists there. You should see this silent beauty as soon as possible!


Also you can attend the Atiu culture tours with the local people. And there are the Punarei culture tours that you can learn about Aitutaki’s history. There are galleries and museums for you to visit.


source: https://cookislands.travel/arts-culture

2. Utila, Honduras



Let’s go deep inside of the ocean! Utila provides you a journey to the undersea life with its scuba diving sessions. It is a small island full of experiences. Also it offers your own deserted island with affordable prices. Enjoy the silence…


This silence leaves its place to a little noise (but in a beautiful way) in August because there is a 2 day with a music festival called Sun Jam in Water Cay in the first weekend of the month. Fiesta!


source: http://aboututila.com/

3. Marettimo, Italy



Traffic, what does it mean? This is something that you may hear from a person who is from Marettimo because there is no cars, no motorbikes, not even a sound of any motor. No jokes.


Rocks, caves and beaches… These are the 3 things that you would bring with you if you go to this deserted island. And maybe fish, because you can also go fishing in some of the parts of the island.


source: https://www.visitsicily.travel/en/sicily/trapani/egadi/marettimo/

4. Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar



Tsaban… Trsaban… Tsara what? Anyways, the island itself it not that complicated, it has a pure water and clear sand in its coasts. Again it was a film set too, for the BBC documentary ‘Girl Friday’.


There are only 25 bungalows for staying in the island, maybe you had more crowded then this at house parties. Oh and if you would like to throw a party in there, your visitors will be very tiny chameleons, there are about 1 cm. If you can see them…


This island uses a different time period than Madagascar because of using the daylight more, or maybe they want you to see the beauty more clear.


source: https://www.audleytravel.com/madagascar/accommodation/tsarabanjina-island

5. Mou Waho Island, New Zealand



‘The island in a lake, in an island, in a lake, in an island in an ocean’ Ha? The islandception?


This island is again nice for sightseeing but also a household for endangered bird species. You can see them and the island itself only with boats. Except the boats, it is impossible to see anything that is man-made. 100% nature. But not if you would bring your digital camera with you. If you want to contribute this natural area, the island offers you a chance to plant a tree. What a natural memory!


source: https://newzealandtrails.com/news/visit-mou-waho-island/

6. Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada



Oui, l’outdoor! If you are interested in outdoor sports, Magdalen will be your new favorite. In the coasts of the island, there are sliding sports and wind sports throughout the year. This is where Montrealers go usually.


This time the beach is not white but golden. This island is not that as exotic as the other ones. But the people in there do not care about the weather sand try to turn these relatively negative weather conditions into an opportunity to go out. The frozen lagoons are just like  playground for them.


source: https://www.tourismeilesdelamadeleine.com/en/discover-the-islands/experiences/nature/

7. Saba, Dutch Caribbean



Long live, Queen! The other name of the island is ‘Unspoiled Queen’. It is famous with the scuba diving spots. And hiking is very common in there. There are some small hills that you can enjoy the view of the whole island.


Also, in this island same sex marriage is legal. And the tourism director of the island is openly gay. Love is love!


source: https://queensaba.com/about/saba/

8. Quilalea, Mozambique



Living la dolce vita… The most luxury island that you could see: Azura Quilalea. And it is official by the Safari Awards. You can stay in the villas by the ocean and enjoy the silence with a drink in your hand. Diving and kayaking is again possible in there. And also migrating birds. If I was a bird I would not leave there.


source: https://www.azura-retreats.com/quilalea-introduction

9. XXXX Island, Australia



Knock knock, product placement here!


The original name of the island is Pumpkin Island. XXXX Gold is a beer brand. The reason they gave this name to the island is that the island is full of games which are multi-player games and there is always a contest in there. Come with your 3 friends, win a competition and enjoy your vacation. It seems like this island is more social than the others. Good luck!


source: https://adage.com/creativity/work/xxxx-island/26735

10. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands



Guana is a purchased island which is a deluxe island. You can rent the island with a group of friends and you can enjoy the white beach. You can also plan a wedding or honeymoon.


Guana is also home to endangered animal species such as flamingos, iguanas and birds. It has several long-term restoration programs.


source: http://www.guana.com/learn/conservation/

11. Sovalye Island, Turkey



A Mediterranean vacation full of historical heritage… This island has been the host of Romans, the Byzantines and Ottomans.


It is impossible to see any type of vehicles in the island. You can only canoe around the island. Also there are some extreme sports such as paragliding and rafting. And you can go to Fethiye.


source: http://www.sovalyeotel.com/index.aspx

12. Andros, Bahamas



Coral reefs, handmade crafts and world’s oldest dive shop. These are the things that are worth to see in Andros. With lots of activities, it is full of fun. Whether you are with your family or with your friends you will enjoy each of these activities around the island because it is not as calm as the other islands.


source: https://www.bahamas.com/islands/andros

13. Song Saa, Cambodia



Song Saa = Koh Ouen + Koh Bong, basic math.


This formula brings us luxury and privacy. Besides snorkeling, kayaking, safari and scuba diving, it is also possible to do meditation and yoga in there. I think visiting Song Saa is already a meditation. One more thing they offer is a movie pleasure in the villas you stay in. But you will not feel the need of watching movie when you are in a such beautiful tropical island in my opinion.


source: https://www.songsaa.com/en/experiences/activities

14. Piel Island, Lake District Coast, Cumbria, UK



Again a historical island with a castle and a pub. One tip about the castle: don’t sit on the Throne Chair or you will have to buy everyone a drink in the pub.


It would not be wrong if we say Piel Island is all about eating and drinking. God bless fish and chips! Also you can go on fishing trips on boats. And you can camp in there too.


source: http://www.pielisland.co.uk/

15. Navarino Island, Chile



Get your backpacks, we’re going hiking! This island has cliffs and rocks rather than beaches. And you are going to be very far from the sea level, around 4000 km. Also there you can see national parks, lakes and a volcano. These are what make this island unique. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and your camera with you.


source: https://chile.travel/en/where-to-go/patagonia-and-antartica/puerto-williams-and-cabo-hornos/navarino-island


‘Do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t’. Go where nobody else have gone, see what nobody else have seen, do what nobody else have done. The world has so many to explore. Don’t be afraid to discover.

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