Wild Life! Now It Does Not Sound That Scary


Wild Life! Now It Does Not Sound That Scary

Are the wild life documentaries you see on TV entertaining to you? Or would it be more entertaining if you were really in that documentary? Imagine being that close to the wild animals, or make it real now! Here are 10 wildlife parks in the world that you can visit and see this fascinating world closer.

1.  Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa

Serengeti is one of the most known wild life parks in the world. It is known with its migration of wildebeests and zebras. There you can also see lions, giraffes and elephants close, but real close! You can even sleep among them because there is a campsite in the park. Serengeti is such a huge park that it has several sections for camping and sightseeing (15,000 km2, really huge). There are also cliffs which are called ‘simba cliffs’. If you have seen the movie ‘The Lion King’, you are probably familiar the word ‘simba’ because simba actually means ‘lion’.


Now, imagine that you are face to face with a lion. Or looking into a zebra’s eyes. What would you do? Serengeti provides you the chance to answer this question.


source: https://tanzaniatourism.go.tz/destination/serengeti-national-park

source: https://gezimanya.com/GeziNotlari/bir-hayalin-pesinde-serengeti-milli-parki


2. Gunung Mulu World Heritage Area, Malaysia

Now it is time to go deeper, deep inside to the caves.

Mulu National Park is located in an island called Borneo. It is famous with its caves: Deer Cave and Lang’s Cave. You actually need to go up and then down because the only way to arrive the park is planes.


In Mulu, it is possible to see rainforests, ponds, caves and rivers at once, also the animal species live in there. These animals are birds, butterflies and reptiles. And you’ll definitely see hundreds of plant varieties around you through the journey. It looks just like a fairytale rather than a wild life park.

source: http://mulupark.com/about-us/mulu-world-heritage-area/

3. Komodo National Park, Rinca Island, Indonesia

Have you ever seen a dragon before? I’m talking about a real dragon, not the ones starring in Game of Thrones. Dragons are actually real, and they live in Rinca, Indonesia. They are called ‘Komodo Dragons’ and this is how they look like:

Looking cute? I think so. But in fact, they are really dangerous. That’s why you cannot go to see them in Rinca Island by yourself unless you want to be bitten by one of them. Welcome to Jurassic Park!


source: https://discoveryourindonesia.com/rinca-island-komodo-dragon/

4. Rauna Wildlife Park, Finland

Do you want to know what is happening on the frozen ground?

In Ranua, there is a huge Arctic world with Siberian huskies, polar bears and reindeers. There you will see a white forest, because it’s covered with snow. In this freezing cold, you will have a warm welcome by the hosts of this habitat. They will make you feel like it’s the Christmas Evening. The only missing thing is the Santa Claus because there are also deers and sledges in the park.


source: https://english.ranuazoo.com/


5. British Columbia Wildlife Park, Canada


Time to see more species of animals! Wolves, coyotes, cougars, deers, sneaks, bears, owls, swans, tarantulas and many more at once… It must be very tiring to visit BC Wildlife Park, but actually it is not. There is a train around the park that you can get in and see the whole area. Also, BC Wildlife Park is not only a park or zoo but a rescue organization for the animals that cannot survive in the wild. Awww!


source: https://www.bcwildlife.org/ourzoowildlife.htm

6. Curraghs Wildlife Park, Isle of Man 


South America, North America, Australia and Amazons, now all of them are in one place: Curraghs! Most of the animal species are possible to see in a more childish way because Curraghs is more fun than the other wildlife parks, let’s call it a ‘wild child’.


Again here there is a railway but it is only for kids, sorry adults! Speaking of kids, there is also a summer school of wildlife education for kids in this park. Maybe your classmate is a penguin, it would be interesting.

source: http://www.curraghswildlifepark.im/


7. Jim Corbett National Park, India


Eye of the tiger: Corbett. It is known with its tiger species with birds and elephants. Unlike the typical safari tours, you go to safari in the park on elephants’ back.



One thing for being careful about Jim Corbett Park is the rain. At certain time periods there is too much rain that the park is closed. But with the rain, there is a huge and beautiful forest in the park. Jim Corbett National Park is also the best point to watch migratory birds in India.


source: https://www.corbettnationalpark.in/

8. Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica



Corcovado is maybe the smallest park of all of the above, but has the most kinds of animals compared to its environment. It is so easy to visit that you can see the whole park on your feet. But also there is a camping area.


Corcovado provides you the largest number of species of monkeys, sea turtles, butterflies, insects, snakes, crocodiles and more. Maybe you will not feel the need of seeing the other parks.


source: https://costarica.org/national-parks/corcovado/


9. Kangaroo Island, Australia



Let’s go to the beach! Kangaroo Island has white beaches that it doesn’t even look like the usual sand as we know. Also Kangaroo Island has a huge coast that you cannot see all in one day.

In this huge island, the most featured animal is obviously kangaroos. Besides, there are sea lions, dolphins, penguins and more. And there are different types of plants.


source: https://www.tourkangarooisland.com.au/


10. Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand



Last but not least, Thailand’s biggest national park: Kaeng Krachan. There is a huge mountain there full of fruiting trees with monkeys, squirrels and birds. You can camp either on the bottom or on the top of the mountain. And there are 2 rivers around the park.


source: https://www.thainationalparks.com/kaeng-krachan-national-park


Now it’s time to turn off those documentary TV channels and make them real. As soon as we are friendly to the wildlife, it will not be wild for us anymore. Explore the wonders of this amazing ecosystem because it is waiting for you.

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