Coffee, a miraculous plant. It is also one of the most enjoyable drinks for humanity for a long time. The preparation, presentation and consumption of this miraculous drink, which offers a completely different taste and experience in all varieties, is growing as arbitrary as it varies by country. Here are 11 different coffee experiences from 11 different regions of the world.

1.  Italy – Espresso, Cappucino

When a list of coffee is made, it is not surprising that Italy comes first. Espresso and Cappucino, one of the most important values that Italians gifted to the world, are also among the coffee varieties.


2.  Turkey – Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has a respectable place among the world coffees with its unique grinding and cooking technique. It is not surprising that the Turkish coffee takes its place in the Unesco’s abstract legacy, both in terms of conversation and the meaning it holds in the country’s traditions.


3.  Greece – Frappe


If we say Frappe must have been found by the Greek gods who wanted to enjoy coffee on the Greek coast, we may have exaggerated a bit, but if we say that Frappe is the god of cold coffee, we don’t exaggerate. You can prepare a great summer coffee with 1 scale sugar, condensed milk, ice, cold water and 2 instant coffees, and you can reward yourself with a divine taste.


4.  Colombia – Cortado

We can’t finish this article if we try to explain that Colombia is one of the world’s largest coffee producers, from heavenly gardens filled with coffee trees. Let’s take a shortcut, Cortado, let’s call it an altar from this paradise. This drink which is prepared with a scale of warm milk and a scale of espresso, is a gift from Colombia to world coffee lovers.


5.  Ireland – Irish Coffee

We know that those who like coffee and whiskey match are not less. Combine coffee with the famous whiskey you can find in the world famous pubs of Ireland, a delicious taste, Irish Coffee is born. From top to bottom: 2 spoons of whipped cream, coffee, brown sugar, 1 shot Irish whiskey, ready to go! Oh, by the way, don’t mix it.


6.  Austria – Wienar Melange

A shot of espresso, milk and milk foam served in a huge bowl. But it will not stop there of course. It has to be consumed with one of those wonderful cakes in Vienna’s unique ambiance and decorated cafes.

7.  India – Kaapi

One of the reasons that make India’s unique coffee so special is, the way it is served. Because it contains a lot of milk, sometimes it is called a milk drink. Coffee is poured on a boiling scale milk while serving as kaapi. The strangest part of Kaapi is the cups where it is served. It may seems like a spacecraft is approaching.


8.  France – Cafe Au Lait


For Cafe Au Lait it would be wrong to just say a coffee. It is a reflection of French culture. If you’d like to spend a day as French, on any street of France, in any café on any given day, this is the drink that you should have. A part of the whole that makes you feel like French with milk and coffee, Cafe Au Lait.


9.  Algeria – Mazagran

It is not surprising that this kind of coffee comes out of North Africa’s cuisine, which is spicy, acidic and has unique tastes on the palate. But in fact, this is an invention of French soldiers and a guaranteed awaking coffee. After preparing a cup of hard espresso, add the lemon juice, then rum and ice in it. Adjust the amount according to your taste. A pleasant breeze from the night of Algeria is now beside you.


10.   Mexico – Cafe de Ola

Mexico, which is one of the most important coffee producers in the world, is the leading producer of organic coffee. Cafe de Ola’s service and ingredients also offers a very interesting and entertaining coffee experience. Drinking cinnamon, brown Mexican sugar and organic coffee in clay pots should be fun.


11.   Vietnam – Ca Phe Da

A very interesting coffee is produced in Vietnam where is the world’s largest coffee producer country after Brazil. You should try this Vietnam’s delicious cold coffee with milk which is consumed with ginger or jasmine tea.


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