As well as being a wonderful city, Bristol has other reasons to go and see. For example, the extraordinary groups that are presented to the world music market. Here are 7 of them, 7 melodious reasons to go to Bristol.

1.  Massive Attack

Massive Attack, whose music style can’t be explained with others, is perhaps the most famous band in Bristol. They guaranteed to be a music legend with lots of undersigned hits since the first single ‘Any Love’ which they released in 1988.

2.  Portishead

The group, even named after a coastal town, is one of the most important representatives of the trip-hop style in the world. When Geoff Barrow and Beth Gibbons founded the band in 1991, could they have imagined that their voices would cross the Bristol borders and spread to the world?


3.  Reprazent

In Bristol, while the Massive Attack and Portishead were winding, the seeds of a brand new music collective were deeply buried. When the Reprazent music collective met electronic tunes in hip hop, soul, funk and reggae in 1997, Roni Size’s New Forms album appeared.


4.  Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors was founded in 1997 by Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley. The group was one of the most important names in the world of breakbeat and UK Garage with EP, singles and compilations.

5.  Fuck Buttons

When they were founded in Bristol in 2004 by Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power, it was clear that they were going to break ground with their music. It is not possible to define their style easily. Even hashtags like electronic, psychedelic, rhythmic noise or experimental may not be enough to describe their music type.


6.  Third Eye Foundation

Matt Elliott’s one-man band. Although it is not possible to describe the music that contains depressive timbres; mix of electronic, neofolk, slowcore may tidy up the explanation.


7.  Ilya

The group founded by Nick Pullin and Joanna Swan in Bristol. In 2003, they became a world-wide sound with releasing ‘They Died For Beauty’.

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